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Sometimes I feel like I’m trapped. Like I’m not supposed to be here experiencing all of these emotions and situations. Yet here I am. So when I begin to act on those feelings, people turn into critics and will label each other with words like “emotional” “hot head” “Jealous” “hyper” etc. Eveyone shares these feelings. So why do we act indifferent to those, just because we aren’t in the same emotional state. And now I get why we’re all here. Why we are trapped.

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i love you.

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Years Ago

Year’s ago, I would have never thought I would meet someone as amazing as you. I love you so much and sometimes I just do not understand how someone like me could have ever gotten so lucky. No you’re not perfect, nobody is. However, you’re absolutely perfect for me. You are everything I am not, and when I do not see you for a little bit, I do feel that separation. You stole my heart the minute I met you. Please God I beg you, let her be the one. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. You’re all I’ll ever need my Honey Bun :)




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